Missing – my sanity…

Life has been pretty crazy lately. We’re pretty close to being done  with the renovations now, thank goodness. We moved in a few weeks ago, so it’s slowed down a little while we unpack and breathe after 2  months of intensity. I am starting to worry we’ll fall into the trap so many folk have fallen into before though – move in, and then never quite get around to painting that door, fixing that handle etc. So tomorrow we’re determined to get the paint out again and get things moving along again.

Work has been pretty nuts as well. I got a promotion a  couple of months ago, which meant I was getting paid at the level I was already working, so that was great. But somehow since then the level of expectations of me have risen again and I’m so insanely busy. The main problem for me is that I’m an introvert (like 100% on the MBTI scale) and my role now puts me in meetings ALL DAY. As in, I have to excuse myself from meetings to go to the toilet, and have had to block time in my calendar to make sure I get a lunch break, as there were days when that just didn’t happen.

As a result, I’ve been feeling pretty wrecked. Poor Simon’s been patiently suffering through my short tempers and listlessness in the evenings and on weekends. I don’t like being that way though. He has his own stresses at work, so I do support him with that, but I feel like I’m not myself lately. I hope other introverts out there will understand what I mean when I say I feel like I’m having to be someone else for too many people – everyone has an expectation of me, and I don’t like letting people down, so I’m working against my own personality a lot of the time to get by and succeed. Which leads to me getting grumpy,  because I feel like I never get to do/be what I want to do/be. Healthy.

I’m not entirely sure how to get my equilibrium back. [Side note- Simon just came in and read this over my shoulder, rubbed my back and told me I need to take a valium, haha]. I have a public holiday coming up, and Simon’s working that day, so I’m looking forward to having a day to myself with no people. I feel like I just never get that anymore, and that’s what I need to keep me sane. I’ve tried to block out some other days off in the next couple of months too. My projects at work are insane so I can’t really take multiple days off at a time, but I have about a week of time in lieu accrued due to doing ridiculous overtime last month, so I’m going to take a couple of Fridays off and give myself some long weekends. Even if the weekends end up having people in them, if I can get a Friday with no one, maybe I can claw my way back to normal.

Any introverts out there with tips on how to get some energy back when you can’t escape being around people all day?


8 thoughts on “Missing – my sanity…

  1. Hm, I know this might not be a direction you want to go in, but it might be worth considering your career goals vs your emotional and mental well-being. As I’m not in a full-time career, I can only imagine how hard it is getting out of those responsibilities. So I don’t know how much help that is, but as a fellow introvert, I find it imperative to not overload myself with doing too much of what I don’t like doing – things that stress me out, cause me anxiety, and/or aren’t aligned with making me happy in the long run.

    Otherwise, having an hour to yourself before you go to bed might be nice – if you like baths, read a book, make it clear to your husband and anyone else that you’d like just an hour to yourself (only bug you if it’s an emergency).


    • I’ll admit that has been something I’ve been thinking about lately. I’m sticking with the job at the moment, but I have in the back of my mind that it may not be a long term role for me due to the sheer amount of extroversion it requires – I suspect I’ll burn out eventually, and that’s never good. I think you make a good point about not overloading yourself with things you don’t like doing or that stress you out/cause anxiety – they are definitely much harder to deal with and more draining. If you’re busy with things that make you happy it’s no trouble at all (eventually you get tired but it takes longer).

      I think I’ll try the hour before bed idea – I might tuck myself away with a book and just shut the world out. Sounds heavenly! I get up earlier in the morning so I get some quiet time while I have breakfast, but I think I need that time at night too 🙂 Thanks for commenting and sharing your tips!

  2. Hey Katie, long time no speak. I have to leave a comment here because this is a subject I’m interested in.

    I think what you’re doing is already on the right path, that you say ‘no’ and take a stand on when you need to take time off. I’m sure there’s the guilt in there somewhere for turning people down, but it is a necessary evil.

    Having a good routine I think also helps. Figure out the time of day you are at your most productive and be more willing to exert effort (because let’s face it, talking to people is hard work for us!), and try to cram your meetings in that slot. Of course, that probably doesn’t help if your schedule is out of your control! But if you have the option to do that, then I think that might help. 😉

    • Hi Sasha! There’s definitely guilt in there when I say no to people, but I’m slowly getting better at putting my needs a bit further to the front of my mind. I like your suggestion of trying to target the most productive part of my day. While I am out of control of some of my schedule, I could at least suggest to people who need a meeting with me which times suit me best – I’m more of a morning person (by the afternoon I’m getting ‘peopled out’), so I think I’ll try for that. Thanks for the suggestion!

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