Growing my green thumb

It’s been a while since my last post! I had expected life to calm down once we got through the insanity of two families at Christmas and New Year’s (chucking in some milestone birthdays for both of Simon’s parents!), but I was so wrong. We reached a point where I had to start turning down invitations to things with the response ‘I’m sorry, we’ve actually got something on that weekend…and every weekend until April…’. Insane. I’m not used to this much activity, and my introvert energy levels were starting to drain away entirely.

But now I’m on a holiday from work (if not from everything else) and that has given me a little space to breathe and get myself back to some sense of equilibrium. Not so for Simon, who is only mildly more extroverted than me, and is stuck in a job he hates, so many social obligations and a new year of study impending. I’m both worried about him and excited that he’ll be back at his books – he does love the mental stimulation, even though it’s exhausting. For myself, it means I’ll be turning from fun times girlfriend to feminist housewife again – I keep the house ticking over while he studies. He may not have helped with the dishes during this uni break, but he’s certainly been cooking, helping out with the garden and hanging out with me, which has been wonderful! I’ll miss all that when he dives straight into his study every evening.

At least we’re driving to and from work together now – a necessary sacrifice as we’re saving for a house! We both keep swinging between getting excited and freaking out about our ‘grown up’ future together – we throw ideas and imaginations out there about our dream home, our future kids, marriage etc. And then seize up and go ‘whoa, whoa, whoa, let’s slow this down!’ We both know we want those things (well, Simon perhaps not so convinced on the marriage front, but he was the first person to suggest it as part of our future – not a proposal, just a suggestion), but we both have the same reaction to change, haha. Which is perfect, I guess!

Around the house, we’ve been getting our green thumbs on – my initial attempts at gardening were a mixed bag of success – the flowers in the front door box carked it thanks to a lethal combo of sunlight and slugs. But the flowers I put in the palm pot went gangbusters when I put the pot out the back. We experimented with popcorn (just the kernels you get at the supermarket, we had a whole container of them just sitting there), keeping them on damp paper towel, like a Grade 4 science experiment. They started going mouldy and we were about to throw them out when we realised they had tiny tendrils growing out of them. Simon planted them and voila:

For Christmas, amongst other things, my Mum gave us a raised garden bed – because we’re in a rental we can’t really go messing around with the garden too much (as much as we’d love to!). We finally set it up a couple of weekends ago, and planted some snow peas, shallots (green onions), heritage carrots and iceberg lettuces – they’re coming along nicely!

ImageWe’ve put a mesh covering over the garden bed now, to keep off the birds and the bugs – it seems to work like a slight hot house, because everything’s starting to shoot through like crazy! I always suspected I would enjoy gardening once I was in my own home – I’m just glad I didn’t leave it until I owned a house!


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