Social butterfly with tired wings

Life as part of a couple is far more social than my solo life, I’m discovering. I must admit, I was pretty much a hermit before Simon came into my life – weekends spent pottering around the house, Friday nights in front of the TV. I wasn’t a complete social outcast, but I tend to only have a couple of friends at a time, as I’m naturally extremely introverted and being around lots of people, while fun, tires me.

Luckily for me (well, luck probably has little to do with it, as I’m not generally attracted to gregarious folk), Simon is also an introvert. So he’s perfectly happy to sit on the couch and watch a movie with me, and ‘parallel play’ as my primary school teacher mother calls it. He’s closer to the introvert/extrovert line though, so we do have friends over fairly regularly and go out and about a bit more. While we were dating, it felt like we had someone or something on every single weekend. Which I greatly enjoyed, but also found my reserve energy tanks draining.

The past couple of weekends have been lovely for me, as Simon’s hard at work on his law assignments (3500 word essay last weekend, 2000 word research assignment this weekend). This has meant social lock down, and a chance to potter around the house for me. I’ve been using the days to have some ‘me’ time – pampering more than I generally do, eating chocolate, reading books etc. And getting things sorted around the house. We live in a rental, in a suburb bordering the gentrification wave, so that means we’re in a half dodgey, half decent neighbourhood. It’s taken me until now to get kind of used to it, as I’ve moved from a well established, wealthy suburb (also renting, but in a much nicer part of town!). I love that the rent is so much cheaper here, but I do miss the prettiness of the surrounding area. We did have the trees out the front of our house burst into pink blossoms recently, which was a welcome relief from the drab facade of our place, but the blooms are gone now. It does bode well for a crop of plums, however!

Today, I did something I never really did before when I was living at home, in a share house or with my mum. I gardened! It’s a glorious spring day here, and I inherited some plants from Mum, who I spent the day with yesterday. We have a potted palm plant we called Pamela, we’ve had her since I was 5 and we moved out of my Granny’s house. A few years back, Pamela had a sprout, which grew into an equal sized palm. The deal was that when the time came for me to move into my own house, I would take Pamela’s shoot and start my own Pamela. Yesterday, Mum bequeathed the shoot to me, along with one of her jade plants (a jade at the door, you’ll never be poor!). So today I potted the palm, positioned the jade and then made a trip to Bunnings, along with half the suburb, to buy some pansies and lobelia to put around the base of Pamela and in a cemented in flower box we have by the front door. I’m hoping I can keep everything alive and we’ll have a riot of flowery goodness by our entrance soon.

Life hasn’t all been about vegging out at home and catching my soul back up though. We did have a crazy busy weekend back at the start of the month. We’d been invited to a Murder Mystery Party thrown by my best friend, Lauren and her husband Simon (yes, we both have a Simon now!). The day leading up to the party was spent buying a lot of food and then putting it all together, as we were in charge of the appetisers. It was a 70s themed night, so we did dip with things on toothpicks, savoury celery, Jatz crackers and prawn cocktails. We also had to dress up according to our characters. It was an excellent night, and I had a lovely feminist moment while in the kitchen with the girls, discussing our preparations for the evening. They’d all been slaving over their food alone, and I was able to proudly say that Simon had helped me with everything. Admittedly, they are all Mormons, so they have a different attitude to these things, but I felt so happy, that I’d got ‘a good one’ in Simon – a partner who shares the load. Even when it means going completely out of his comfort zone – spending a night with teetotaling Mormons. It was a lot of fun though, and I had a wonderful time, all the more so because I had Simon there.

The next day it was Father’s Day, so we headed to his parents’ place for a bbq. That was also a nice experience for me – it’s been over 5 years now since I’ve had a Father’s Day with a dad figure in my life, and it was really lovely to feel normal for once, sitting around eating delicious food and chatting. It was a wonderful day, but the combination of the two outings left me exhausted. So I’ve really enjoyed the law lock down and am now ready to be social again, once Simon’s through the current nightmare of studying!


My first attempt at gardening here – hopefully the box and the pot will soon be flowering!


Getting our groove on


Dip time – french onion dip in a cob loaf, with toothpicked goodies and savoury celery!


Simon and I looking quite unlike ourselves, as a sleazy disco mechanic and a tarty dancing diva.



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